Online Payments

Simple online payments can be integrated into your website without the need for a full or complete shopping cart.

Smithfield Awards 2020

The Q Guild of Butchers made a request for us to produce online entry forms for their awards for 2020. Q Guild Butchers have found this a simple and easy way to submit their entries.

Google Maps embedded on website

Google Maps can be embedded on your web site. Google supply an API to allow easy integration making use of your data in your database. The Q Guild of Butchers website also make use of Google maps API (see below).

Online Surveys

We offer to run online surveys using open source professional online survey software from Lime Surveys. At 2mx our surveys are hosted [ here ]

Software Testing

We have been in the software development business for quite some years. We do know a bit about testing quite a variety of software applications.

Web Administration

Keeping your web site update to simply and effectively is the major aim of our eazy-site web portal. Adding and amending stories is done simply and effectively. We have tried to keep the system simple so that updates can be done quickly.