Netflix subscription problem

No need for me to say this email is a scam.

You have 6 failed incoming mails!!!

You may well be familiar with scam and phishing emails. REMEMBER don`t be fooled ! You will know when you get an email from and don`t belive any email is from a trusted sender, even us !! The information below is the contents of an email I received.

Validation error - 1 pending Messages. (scam)

BE VERY CAREFULL of this scam. Please ensure you delete this email immediately. I am sure you will always recognise an email from us, but always be careful and think twice. Click to read more to see the content of the email we received.

Mailbox full scam email accounts, or any others, do not get legitimate emails asking to upgrade. Be carefull, a clear phishing attempt.

Billing Scam`s easy to spot

Please be aware that scams may look kind of official indicating your services may expire. Don`t get caught out !

Warning on scams - Paid invoices

Please find attached a copy of the paid due invoices from our bank [ Not Real ! ] You won`t fall for it will you ?

Warning on scams - Mailbox Full

Just a short note to keep alert ! I`ve noticed recent emails indicating my mailbox is full. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS. These mails are a scam.

Typical email phishing

Hopefully we don`t fall into the trap with this supposed email from PayPal. It may look very real but opening up the email header shows clearly an email address not belonging to PayPal. If you had clicked the link to submit your personal data you would be providing scammers with your personal data. We have all nearly fallen into such an email, be vigilant, don`t provide your data.