Lets Encrypt SSL certificates

Lets Encrypt are making it possible for everyone to experience a secure and privacy-respecting Web. They make it easy to get certificates for HTTPS, because ease of use is critical for adoption and that is one thing we have found, it IS easy to get an SSL certificate.

Russian Hackers are they real ?

Many stories in the news just now about Russian Hackers impacting elections and trying to influence organisations. Are Russian hackers any worse than anywhere else ?

Vmix basic example

We use Vmix for our streaming software. This captures a camera and audio, feeds in and streams out to a Content delivery network.

MyClubMembers import

The purpose of this tutorial is to show how to import users into your club. We take a list of emails, one per line, and drop into the input box and save.

IPv6 Setup Issues

Due to a server upgrade we have become aware of some email issues. These have been tracked down to IPv6 problems.

Commuter Train Check

"Commuter Train Check is a free Android application that lets you quickly and easily find out live train times in the UK. Launched in November 2019, it is already a robust and mature application. The plan is to introduce support for multi-leg journeys in January 2020.

Invoice for Domain Services

Perhaps you frequently receive invoices for Domain Services of one of your domains. Please be sure that you look at them carefully. The chances they are not what they seem.

Dedicated server from Online.net

Having run our own dedicated servers for nearly 15 years we came across online.net last year (2018). We purchased 3 small servers for a variety of small tasks, installed CENTOS v7 and used Virtualmin as the admin control panel. All very easy to setup remotely. We decided to take a far more powerful server at an excellent monthly price. -- Pro-4-M -- Intel® Xeon E3 1245v5 -- 64 GB -- 3 x 500 GB SSD -- 1 Gbit/sec 300 Mbit/sec -- Cost 32.49 € pre-tax