A simple mysql JOIN statement

I thought I`d note here a simple mysql JOIN to remind me how it works. if it helps you too then that is good.

MySQL backup across servers

I used to manually copy SQL backup file across from one server to another (usually by FTP). However, there is a simpler method to implement this using the Hostname parameter in the mysql command.

I am not a Robot

I was needing to integrate an `im not a robot` script into my forms and looked at Google`s recptcha functions. However, I had some difficulty with integration as I wanted to use it in an Ajax environment. Therefore I looked at creating a new solution. This script is now completed and working fine.

Permalink web addresses

I`ve been implementing and updating websites for some considerable years using the standard URL addresses for accessing content. I`d heard of the newer methods for enhancing the addresses in particular helping with SEO. SO it was time to look into how this is done. The image shown shows `award-winning-products` as the permalink address from [the Q Guild of Butchers ] website.

What is AJAX ? a simple tutorial - Part 4

Having reviewed the previous steps to build up a simple set of Ajax calls it became apparent that things were getting rather complex, with the complexity multiplying with further actionsthat needed to be added. To overcome this the commands can be combined into one ajax call with the command and data passed into it.

What is AJAX ? a simple tutorial - Part 3

So far we have seen a simple event occurring on a web page, an animated gif indicating some action is being taken and then some response returned and displayed on your page. Our next step will be to type in some data in an input box and respond to the data on each key click. In this example we wish you to type in a town name and validate it against ones in our list.

What is AJAX ? a simple tutorial - Part 2

The first part of my tutorial was very basic and I intend to follow through some further steps to enhance the users view of data input and selection.

What is AJAX ? a simple tutorial - Part 1

Ajax is [A]synchronous [J]avaScript [A]nd [X]ML. Ajax allows you to update a section on your page without having to reload the complete page. You can dynamically check data with a simple set of functions. These functions send data to the server, get a response back and update the page with that information. I have a test page setup that shows the effects of dynamic updates with data from the server without re-loading the whole page. [ click here for the Online form sample ]