DAFC FFIT website

Dunfermline Athletic Football Fans in Training website recently released. Manage and track members who will attend the sessions. This system has made it easier to determine who is and who is not attending sessions.

Pars TV website update

ParsTV has had a recent website update in preparation for the new 2020-2021 Season. With the expected increase in users accessing the system the prime objective is to give access to all Dunfermline season ticket holders (around 2,000 people) in a simple and easy manner.

ScottishFootball.online OTT Platform

An OTT online portal for live low-cost streaming services for Video and Audio along with video on demand content of Full Game Replays, Highlights and Interviews.

DAFC website updates Tickets

We carried out an update to Dunfermline Atheltics website by providing two mini-web sites for their new season Strip Launch and 2020-2011 Season Tickets.

DAFC website updates Strip Launch

Dunfermline Athletic required a new style layout to support their new season kit launch for Season 2020-2021. We took on board their requirements and helped produce this single page layout.

Online Data Capture

We have recently developed an online form data capture to make it easy to capture customer input. Easy to setup to capture any data input and store in an online database. Manipulate online or export to XLS format.

Curling Club Scores database

I was match secretary at my curling club and decided to implement an online database system rather than use a traditional excel spreadsheet. Now I get league tables update immeditaley and well formatted. The list of matches are entered at the start of season and scores are added by Skips just after each match. Results are typically enterred into the system by the winning skip. League tables are then automatically produced and club members can quickly see the positions in the league. The Curling Scores database could well be used by any club, province or ice rink that is involved in Curling, just register and use the system.

Access Database upgrade online

We have experience on getting Access Databases online. Upgrading and getting your PC based database to an online secure system where multiple team members can manage it. Please it get in touch with us with your requirements. The first Access database we imported was for the Royal Caledonian Curling club for their Members website in 2008 [ RCCCmembers.org ]. This has over 12,000 members and 600 plus clubs.