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Billing Scam`s easy to spot

Please be aware that scams may look kind of official indicating your services may expire.

Don`t get caught out !
This is our own domain which we manage so we are not easily fooled ! Of course our service we provide for ourselves won`t be removed 🤭😁


Do be aware that if no payment is made within the next 3 business days, your data will be purged and deleted.

Disclaimer statement: We can`t be held legally accountable for any claims, damages or loss that you might incur due to the cancellation of 2MX.CO.UK. Any such damages may include but are not exclusively limited to: monetary losses, deleted data without backups, reduction in search engine positions, lost customers, undelivered emails and any other service, technical or business damages that you might incur. to learn more please consult section 4. a12 of our Terms of Service.

This is the final renewal message that we are legally required to communicate about the expiration of 2MX.CO.UK certificate.

All online services will be restored automatically on 2MX.CO.UK upon successful confirmation of payment. We thank you for your urgent attention to this matter and continued business.