Windows Spooler to be turned off !

Disable Windows print spooler or you could be hacked, says Microsoft

Scams again

Subject: Email Termination From: "Security" Please ignore any emails that do not have a valid FROM email address. Also be aware of any email that does look to be legitmate, the chances are they will be a scam (I am sorry to say)

Vmix and OBS testing

We ran some tests between Vmix and OBS. These phone video captures the streams, not very high quality.

Web Site Security

I`ve been alerted to some attempted break ins to the web site through our own track and trace features. Seems someone is trying some very simple scripts to pop up an alert message into the system. This in itself isn`t a major worry as the bulk of the website is protected by script injection. We will however, provide an update and do further checking to ensure that nobody breaks in.

Admin Mail messages requiring upgrade

Do not be fooled by messages indicating you have run out space on our server. Our monitoring system highlights when a user is running out of space and we take action usually with 24 hours.

Test embed code

Just want to test some embed code to ensure it is blocked. Security needs to be taken seriously as we have found. Last year we found an Israeli group purchasing a stream and onward streaming it to fake websites.

Mailbox full scam email accounts, or any others, do not get legitimate emails asking to upgrade. Be carefull, a clear phishing attempt.

Lets Encrypt SSL certificates

Lets Encrypt are making it possible for everyone to experience a secure and privacy-respecting Web. They make it easy to get certificates for HTTPS, because ease of use is critical for adoption and that is one thing we have found, it IS easy to get an SSL certificate.