Fife Business Awards Finalist

For the second year running, have been shortlisted as a Finalist in the Fife Business Awards Transformation Category - Sponsored by VITEC.

Dunfermline Sports Massage and Therapy

Dunfermline Sports Massage and Therapy new website has just gone live. Dunfermline Sports Massage & Therapy we are extremely passionate about their profession and aim to provide the highest quality of treatment/care.

Car Parking Payments

We now have a novel idea on collecting Car Parking payments. Create an item in our Cart, produce a QR code and display in your carpark.

A new way to pay !

Over the last two years we have been very successful in payments for online streaming. We are now extending this architecture to allow small businesses and groups to take online payment in a simple but effective manner. As a Seller you do not need to have a Card Reader to accept Card payments. Set up a Cart item in our system, show the Customer a QR code to make the payment and then receive Instant Payment Notification. All done without a card reader. For example, we use this mechanism to accept Card payments without us needing a Card Reader. The QR code takes you to a very secure online payment process with Stripe. We receive an Instant Payment Notification. All card payments that are setup using our Cart System and go through our system will go direct to your bank.

A simple mysql JOIN statement

I thought I`d note here a simple mysql JOIN to remind me how it works. if it helps you too then that is good.

Netflix subscription problem

No need for me to say this email is a scam.

Fife Business Awards - Finalist 2022

Delighted to be nominated as a Finalist in the Fife Business Awards through Fife Chamber of Commerce. link to LinkedIn post. We also recieved very nice feedback from our colleagues at Queen`s Park Football Club. Queen`s Park joined our OTT Platform this season on

MySQL backup across servers

I used to manually copy SQL backup file across from one server to another (usually by FTP). However, there is a simpler method to implement this using the Hostname parameter in the mysql command.