STRIPE Card Payments

We are currently working on Card payments using Stripe . We have been very successfully taking Paypal payments for a number of years. In fact we have taken over 32,000 transactions in the last 15 months (at Dec 2021)

You have 6 failed incoming mails!!!

You may well be familiar with scam and phishing emails. REMEMBER don`t be fooled ! You will know when you get an email from and don`t belive any email is from a trusted sender, even us !! The information below is the contents of an email I received.

Archive the Internet

The internet started in earnest around the mid 1990`s. About that time CompuServe and Aol provided email systems to help people communicate. In the early 1990`s bulletin boards were all the rage allowing easier communications across the globe.

Verify your domain DNS settings

Your website and email are identified by a domain name. behind this is an IP address. The IP identifies through the system where the domain is situated. I have some hints below that can be used to verify that your domain is setup correctly.

Validation error - 1 pending Messages. (scam)

BE VERY CAREFULL of this scam. Please ensure you delete this email immediately. I am sure you will always recognise an email from us, but always be careful and think twice. Click to read more to see the content of the email we received.

Paypal Donate button test

A test button for Donations in paypal, allowing users to set amount.

Web site backup

We run regular backups of our website using a utility called `wget` This replicates the website files and any files that have been uploaded (for example PHP, JPG, MP4 files)

Web site security and hackers

Unfortunately this morning we had an attack on our myclub website. A break in occurred on my username which allowed a user access to the system. This was quickly detected but caused us to change the system password.