A simple mysql JOIN statement

I thought I`d note here a simple mysql JOIN to remind me how it works. if it jelsp you too then that i sgood.

Netflix subscription problem

No need for me to say this email is a scam.

Fife Business Awards - Finalist 2022

Delighted to be nominated as a Finalist in the Fife Business Awards through Fife Chamber of Commerce. link to LinkedIn post. We also recieved very nice feedback from our colleagues at Queen`s Park Football Club. Queen`s Park joined our OTT Platform this season on ScottishFootball.online

MySQL backup across servers

I used to manually copy SQL backup file across from one server to another (usually by FTP). However, there is a simpler method to implement this using the Hostname parameter in the mysql command.

Direct Payments

Are you looking to run a raffle or wanting to collect payments for a single item ? We have a mechanism where you can easily add a single Cart purchase item on your website, collate the payments and respond directly to the user. This will save you a lot of time managing payments and users.

Mysql Maria DB fields don’t have default value

When upgrading to MariaDB I found some queries were getting rejected due to field value not being NULL. On mysql this was not a problem as I had intended if no data then I`m happy with the query.

STRIPE Card Payments

We are currently working on Card payments using Stripe . We have been very successfully taking Paypal payments for a number of years. In fact we have taken over 32,000 transactions in the last 15 months (at Dec 2021)

You have 6 failed incoming mails!!!

You may well be familiar with scam and phishing emails. REMEMBER don`t be fooled ! You will know when you get an email from FIFE.co.uk and don`t belive any email is from a trusted sender, even us !! The information below is the contents of an email I received.